APIDA 101 Sign-Up Form

APIDA 101 Sign-Up Form

DEADLINE: Friday, January 24

Please use this form to sign up for MSA's APIDA (Asian, Pacific Islander, and Desi American) 101 program.

APIDA 101 is a new MSA program that explores what it means to be a person of Asian, Pacific Islander, and/or Desi descent in the United States. 

Over the course of six sessions, you will make connections between your cultural/ethnic identity and a racial/political identity, analyze the history and dynamics of the APIDA experience in the United States, explore APIDA activism at home and abroad, and develop strategies for allyship and solidarity across communities.

This program is open to any Northwestern undergraduate student who self-identifies as Asian, Pacific Islander, and/or Desi - identities which are inclusive of, but not limited to, East Asian, Southeast Asian, South Asian, and Pacific Islander diasporic identities, as well as multiracial and multiethnic APIDA identities. International APID(A)-identifying students are also welcome!

Meeting Dates:
Thursdays, 6 - 8 PM
January 30 - March 5 (6-week series)
Parkes 120

Please contact Christine Munteanu at cmunteanu@northwestern.edu with any questions.