Dittmar Gallery Community Exhibition 2018 Submission Form

Dittmar Gallery Community Exhibition 2018 Submission Form

Thank you for applying to participate in Dittmar's Community Exhibit, Producing the Bedroom Artist!

If you are submitting multiple works, please submit a separate form each time. Up to TWO works only per artist. More than two will not be considered. Entries MUST follow the theme, "Producing the Bedroom Artist."

Exploring the relatively new concept of the bedroom artist, Dittmar draws inspiration from those who take to creating music in their own rooms, rather than pursuing prominent record labels. Producing the Bedroom Artist takes a closer look at this phenomenon, this new means of content production, using online platforms to distribute one’s work, and more importantly, express oneself in a way that could not possibly have taken hold prior to the Digital Age. The growing culture around it and constant search for the “next big thing” have largely defined this era. In the same way, the visual arts are impacted by these circumstances.

Producing the Bedroom Artist also aims to analyze the ways in which “media” and “art” converge, as opposed to serving separate purposes in social and academic discourse. Prompting the forever-asked question, “what defines high art?” Dittmar examines how artists in our community are being shaped by the aforementioned ideas. What does the space of a bedroom artist look like? Who might these painters, sculptors, illustrators, filmmakers, producers, musicians, and others be creating for? Most importantly, what determines what belongs in a gallery space? In an attempt to answer these questions, our artists have taken their own bedroom art and placed it in the public eye, for gallery goers and Internet users alike. This merging of public online and physical space, and private bedroom studios blur the line between hobby and profession.

Along with an image of the work, please upload details on the piece's title, medium, size, and year made. (All mediums encouraged!) If your work is for sale, please include the VALUE of your piece as well! (All work will be insured by the university, so please include a price.)

Upon completion of this form, you will receive a letter of receipt from the gallery acknowledging your submission. All entries will be reviewed carefully before we make our decision.

NOTE: We are not accepting submissions from professional artists (with the exception of faculty).

We're excited to review your work! Pieces accepted to the show will automatically be considered for the art competition.

1st Place - $150 Amazon Gift Card
2nd Place - $100 Amazon Gift Card
3rd Place - $50 Blick Gift Card